In a significant move towards accountability and improved service delivery, The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, yesterday launched its Service Delivery Charter and Strategic plan (2022 – 2026).

Speaking at Mulungushi International Conference Center, The Minister of Lands and Natural resources, Dr. Elijah Muchima highlighted the primary objectives of the Stategic Plan and Service Delivery Charter is to respond to the clients’ queries within the shortest possible time, resolve issues or complaints in an empathetic manner, and provide feedback to management and stakeholders with a view to improve service delivery, customer satisfaction and rebranding.

Dr. Elijah Muchima, highlighted the key focus area for the Ministry is to enhance land administration and resolve land disputes more effectively. He mentioned that this strategic theme will also aim to coordinate with stakeholders and ultimately ensuring lasting land security.

 He urged all clients to familiarise themselves with the Service Delivery Charter so that they should be well informed about the Ministry’s services and what they should expect. However, he acknowledged some of the frustrations by clients in some instances and their costly implications of such delays.

Mr Muchima assured all clients that it is the Ministry’s objective to serve its clients and stakeholders effectively and that the Ministry will continue to respond to the call by his Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr Haikainde Hichilema to create a corruption free environment at the Ministry.

He appealed to the general public, to take time to visit the website and the Ministry, in order to access documents and familiarise themselves with the services provided.

The Permanent Secretary, Mrs Daphne Chabu who was also in attendance reiterated that the success of this exercise will depend on the continued commitment of all stakeholders and dedication of all Ministry’s staff to ensure effective administration and management of land and natural resources is done in an inclusive and sustainable manner for socio economic development, she called upon all our stakeholders and members of staff in the ministry to work hard and be committed  to actualize the ministry’s mission.

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