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The Department of Lands is responsible for land allocation and alienation. Its mandate is to administer and manage Land in a transparent and sustainable manner in order to contribute to socio-economic development. The department is guided by the principle law that governs the administration and management of land in Zambia; CAP 184 of the Laws of Zambia and other laws and guidelines that have been enacted to enhance the administration and management of land in Zambia.

Structure of the Department

It is headed by the Commissioner of Lands who is assisted by three (3) Chief Lands Officers (one based at Ndola Regional Office and two at the Headquarters) and the Head of Estates & Valuation Section.

Functions of the Sections in the Lands Department

 Land Administration Section: This section is responsible for allocation of land and ensuring that new parcels of land required for development are properly planned by Local Authorities (Municipal and City Councils), Provincial Planning Authorities, Department of Field Services in the Ministry of Agriculture and Department of Resettlement and subsequently allocated.

Estates and Valuation Section: This section is responsible for:

  • Management of government property portfolios by keeping an up-to-date register of government properties;
  • Managing the landlord and tenant relationship for government rented premises and vice-versa;
  • Valuing of land parcels for the consideration fees, annual ground rent, compensation and other purposes;
  • Managing the lesser and lessee relationship between the President as custodian of all land and members of the public or developers;
  • Monitoring compliance of the development clause in the offer letter through the physical property inspections and distributing annual ground rent bills and collecting payments in all districts from lessees,
  • Conducting inspections that are required before repossession/re-entries and other actions such as renewal of leases, re-planning of land etc.

Legal Section: This section is responsible for the preparation of state consents for all transferees and assignees eligible to hold land in Zambia and who are bonafide owners of such properties. The section is further responsible for the preparation of certificates of incorporation under perpetual succession Act and managing property repossessions and court cases

Folios Section: The folios section is responsible for noting and plotting on maps plans received from Planning Authorities, verifying the availability of land, confirming the size of a parcel, changing of scales (conversions), map reading to help officers and the public to identify properties, inspection of properties and miscellaneous work assigned to the section.