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The Lands and Deeds Department is one of the three technical Departments in the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The Department is established pursuant to Section 3 of the Lands and Deeds Registry Act CAP 185 of the Laws of Zambia. Section 3 (i) of the Act provides for the establishment of the Registry of Deeds by the Minister responsible for Land.

Structure of the Department

The Department is headed by the Chief Registrar, who is deputised by the Assistant Chief Registrar. The other members of staff include a Principal Registrar, a Senior Registrar, Registrars, Senior Lands and Deeds Officers, Lands and Deeds Officers, Typists and Registry Clerks. The Department has two Registries, one located in Lusaka and the other in Ndola. The Ndola Registry is headed by an Assistant Chief Registrar.

 Functions of the Department

The core function of the Department is the registration of documents and issuance of Certificates of Titles.

The Department also has Mandate to register documents in the Miscellaneous Register. These are documents that do not relate to Land but require registration and includes documents such as: Agriculture Charges, Debentures, General Power of Attorney and Certificates of incorporation.

The Department is also responsible for the provision of property searches to the public through the Lands Register and Physical searches on the files.