• Mulungushi House, Independence Avenue
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The Survey Department is responsible for undertaking and coordinating all survey works in the country and production of maps for various usages.

The Department also coordinates survey activities through Survey Control Board established under section 6 of the Survey Act CAP.188 of Laws of Zambia.

Structure of the Department

The Department is headed by the Surveyor-General and assisted by three (3) Assistant Surveyor-Generals who coordinate programme implementation of the three sections of the Department namely: Mapping Services, Survey Services and Cadastral Services.

 Functions of the Department

The Department is responsible for Cadastral surveys and maintenance of survey records, compilation of property index maps, examination and processing of survey records; national Mapping and Development and management of National Spatial Data Infrastructure; Maintenance and improvement of the National Survey Control Network and survey and maintenance of our International boundaries; and Regulation of survey activities through Survey Control Board. The main objective of the Department is to develop and manage national spatial data infrastructure in order to facilitate land administration, scientific development and use.