The Department is responsible for managing the financial resources of the Ministry in order to facilitate implementation of programmes.

The Department  performs the following specific functions:

a) Manage financial resources in line with the Public Financial Management Act and Regulations;

b) Prepare and submit Financial Management Reports in order to comply with financial regulations and facilitate informed decision making;

c) Undertake budgetary control in order to prevent budget over-runs;

d) Monitoring of expenditure in order to ensure spending is in line with the approved budgets and financial regulations;

e) Develop and implement internal controls in order to enhance transparency and accountability in the utilisation of financial and material resources;

f) Collect and account for Government Revenues in order to safeguard public resources and support the budget;

g) Prepare and submit annual audited accounts in order to facilitate decision making;

h) Account for assets in order to safeguard public property;

i) Manage timely, the management of risks in order to mitigate losses;

j) Payroll Management

The Department is headed by the Director- Finance and assisted by a Chief Accountant.