Mrs. Lynn Habanji

The Office of the Commissioner of Lands is responsible, on behalf of the President,

for alienating land in the Country. Through the Lands Act of 1995 Chapter 184 of the

Laws of Zambia, the Commissioner of Lands on behalf of the President of the Republic of Zambia undertakes to alienate land vested in the President in perpetuity for and on behalf of the people of Zambia to both Zambians and Non-Zambians.

By virtue of Statutory Instrument no 7 of 1964 the President delegated the day to day administration of Land to the Commissioner of Lands Further in exercising these powers, the Commissioner of Lands shall operate under the

general policy guidance of the Minister responsible for land.

The Commissioner is responsible for

i. Lands Department

ii. Lands and Deeds Department

iii.  Customer Service Centre

Contact Information for Office of the Commissioner of Lands

Tel: (260) 211250610


Postal Address

Office of the Commissioner of Lands

Mulungushi House

Independence Avenue

P.O Box 30069, Ridgeway