The Department is responsible for the allocation of land in order to facilitate its leasing and
appropriate use for sustainable socio-economic development.
Structure of the Department
The Department is headed by a Director who is assisted by Two (2)
Chief Lands Officers, one (1) Head – Estate and Valuations and Nine (9)
Provincial Lands Officers

The Department performs the following specific functions: –
a) Identify land for allocation to developers;
b) Conduct periodic land audits of developed and undeveloped land in the country;
c) Issue land leases to land applicants and developers;
d) Monitor and enforce compliance to terms of the land lease;
e) Issue and grant state consent to facilitate secondary transactions;
f) Conduct property valuation to facilitate land administration;
g) Resolve administrative disputes arising from land allocation;
h) Legalisation of Settlements; and
Functions of the Sections of the Department
The Department is comprised the following three (3) Sections
a) Land Management Section;
The Section is  headed by a Chief Lands Officer who is assisted by
Senior Lands Officers
The Section is responsible for Administration and Management of land country wide.
The Section performs the following specific functions:
i) Land Administration;
ii) Processing of Invitation to Treat and Offer Letter;
iii) Processing of Lease Agreements, Expiration of Leases and Surrender Deeds;
iv) Settlement of Land Disputes;
v) Identification of Land for allocation;
f) Collaboration with all Local Authorities; and
b) Estates & Valuations Section
The Section is headed by a Head Estates and Valuation who will is assisted by Two (2) Estates
and Valuation Officers .The Section is responsible for providing internal advice on values for
land and estate valuations to departments within the Ministry of Lands in order to facilitate land
alienation and administration of government and public properties.
The Unit performs the following specific functions:
i) Ground rent Management;
ii) Land Inspections;
iii) Lease Covenants Monitoring and Evaluation;
iv) Legalization of Settlement; and
c)Legal Section
This section is headed by the legal Officer. This section is responsible for the preparation of state
consents for all transferees and assignees eligible to hold land in Zambia and who are bonafide
owners of such properties. The Legal officer also performs the following functions:
i) Providing legal advise to the office of the Commissioner
ii) Preparation of documentation concerning the property repossession process to the Office
of the Commissioner of Lands.

d)Customer Service Centre

The Customer Service Centre responsible for providing customer care

services to the public in order to enhance the provision of services. The Center is the contact point for the public in commencing land transactions.

The Customer Service Centre performs the following functions:

  1. a) Receive and dispatch land-related and non-land related documents to the


  1. b) Scan the documents in order to generate an electronic file for submission to

relevant officers for commencement of transaction;

  1. c) Compile and develop a database of frequently answered questions in order to

generate appropriate feedback to clients;

  1. d) Provide appropriate information to the public on the processes for land

alienation, administration, survey and mapping, conveyancing and other none land related matters;

  1. e) Document customer feedback in order to inform decision making;
  2. f) Manage and respond to calls at call center for the Ministry in order to provide

timely responses to clients; and

  1. g) Manage and respond to customer queries and complaints in order to facilitate

smooth information flow.

The Customer Service Centre is headed by a Manager-Customer Service (L)

and assisted by one (1) Customer Care Officer -Survey (I), one (1) Customer Care

Officer- Lands (I) one (1) and Customer Care Officer- Lands and Deeds (I).



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