National Land Titling Programme

The main objective of the National Land Titling Programme (NLTP) is to carry out a systematic registration of all property in the country in order to provide security of tenure to property owners.

The National Land Titling Programme is aimed at ensuring that all landowners are issued with Certificates of Title. This will provide security of tenure to property owners, increase the revenue base and investment in the country thereby contributing to socio-economic development.

Further, two pilot area, one in Chongwe and another in Lusaka, Kamwala South have been established under this programme.  The lessons learnt from the pilot areas will help in smoothly implementing the programme during its scaling up. The Ministry intends to scale up activities under this programme by extending the pilot to Copperbelt, Central and Southern Provinces. The Ministry expects to produce 300,000 Certificates of Titles in 2018 under this programme. For more Information, follow this link