GSB payments through Zanaco Bill Muster At Zanaco Xpress

Zanaco offers a convenient option for both non-Zanaco and Zanaco account holders, including personal and corporate accounts, to make cash payments for Ministry of Lands services through any Zanaco Xpress agent across the country.

Here’s how to make payments using Bill Muster on Zanaco Xpress:
1. Raise an invoice for the Ministry of Lands service on the Government Service Bus (GSB) through the Zamportal by visiting the link
2. Select the specific Ministry of Lands service to be paid for and provide the required payment details such as name and unique ID.
3. Once the invoice is generated, download it and take note of the invoice number for reference.
4. Visit any Zanaco Xpress agent and present your invoice, requesting to make a deposit for GSB using Bill Muster.
5. Make the deposit into the Government Service Bus (GSB) using the Bill Muster ID 6216-MOF GSB.
6. After the payment is made, the Xpress agent will provide you with a deposit slip as proof of payment.
7. The official Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) receipt will be generated on the Zamportal and can be viewed and downloaded for your records.

This process allows for easy and accessible cash payments for Ministry of Lands services, providing a seamless experience for both non-Zanaco and Zanaco account holders through the extensive Zanaco Xpress agent network.