High Value GSB payments through electronic funds transfer/RTGS

Zanaco has introduced a convenient option for non-Zanaco account holders who need to make high-value cash payments for Ministry of Lands services electronically. To make such payments, clients can follow these steps:
1. Generate an invoice for the Ministry of Lands service on Zamportal and select Zanaco Bill Muster as the payment option.
2. Use RTGS as the payment type and transfer the invoice amount to the following account number:

A/C Number: 1219234303206

3. Remember to quote the invoice number as the reference.
4. Email the proof of payment (POP) and a copy of the invoice to transactionalbanking@zanaco.co.zm.
5. Once the funds are credited to the merchant account, Zanaco will process the transaction immediately.
6. The payment will be receipted, and the customer can access the receipt on the Zamportal.

This process ensures a smooth and efficient payment experience for non-Zanaco account holders making high-value cash payments for Ministry of Lands services.