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Zambia Forestry College



Zambia Forestry College (ZFC) is located in Kitwe, Mwekera Forest No.6 and is responsible for providing long-term and short-term technical training in management of the forestry sector, including other natural resources. Long-term programs provided over the last 70 years include a three year diploma program in forestry and a three year natural resources management program. The College has taken advantage of a market gap to provide training to employees who want to up-grade to degree level, but cannot leave the work stations for extended periods of time by also providing open-and-distance programs in forestry, environmental education and geography.

The College also offers short tailor-made programs. During the last two years it has been at the center of training saw millers, timber traders and growers in best timber processing techniques. The target for such trainers was to empower informal sector players to maximize production, income and provide decent working environments. This training was sponsored by FAO-Zambia. Forestry Department, via Zambia Forestry College. ZFC has also started training Honorary Foresters as it works towards creation of community forests as a way of empowering local communities. In the year 2018, the College trained 69 Honorary Foresters from Muchinga and North-western Provinces based Community Forest Associations.


The mandate of the College is to provide training and education in the sustainable management and utilization of the environment and natural resources for socio-economic development to benefit the present and future generation.


The overall vision of Zambia Forestry College is to offer and facilitate effective training in forestry, ecosystem and related entrepreneurship in order to contribute to sustainable management and utilization of natural resources.

The specific functions of the Zambia Forestry College are as follows:

  • To develop and efficiently utilize human resources of Zambia Forestry College in order to contribute to the provision of quality service,
  • To develop, rehabilitate, manage, secure and utilize college infrastructure in order to attain improved training,
  • To diversify curricula, collaborate with other institutions and accredit the college to competent tertiary institutions in order to enhance the academic competitiveness and responsiveness to dynamic market environment,
  • To attract clients through marketing locally and internationally in order to meet the needs of various stakeholders,
  • To strengthen the college by undertaking collaborative research and development work in environment and natural resources for effective training,
  • To generate and source financial and other resources for effective training and administration,
  • To develop an efficient and effective participatory result oriented monitoring and evaluation system in order to assess the performance of programs and projects,
  • To mainstream gender and HIV/AIDS¬† into College programs in order to promote equity and mitigate impacts, respectively,
  • To provide short courses in the management of the environment, utilization of natural resources and promotion of tourism in order to upgrade knowledge and skills of various clients, and;
  • To promote formal education and training in order to contribute to the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.