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National Land Audit Programme

The National Land Audit Program  (NLAP) is a countrywide inventory of various uses of land. The program aims to provide comprehensive, accurate and reliable information on land ownership, development and utilization patterns in Zambia. This information is required to enhance good governance, transparency and subsequently contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.

Specifically, the program investigates and collects data on  the extent or size of land that is classified as Settlement area; farming blocks; statutory housing areas; Improvement areas; forest reserves; national parks; game management areas; wetlands; botanical reserves; heritage and conservation areas; and unplanned settlements.

The data will be dis-aggregated by sub-district to investigate and establish illegal settlements in protected areas. IT will also be dis-aggregated by forest reserve; national park; game management area; wetland; botanical reserve; settlement; heritage site and conservation area; in order to make available data on various land uses across the country for purposes of planning, decision making and policy formulation; come up with an updated national spatial data infrastructure as well as Land Use Master Plan and to carry out a systematic land registration.

The NLAP commenced in 2014. The first two (2) years were preparatory years for the program. During this phase, the main activities were  establishment of ground control points throughout the country and procurement of aerial photography and satellite imagery.

The following progress has been made so far:

  • All Ground Control Points across the country have been established;
  • Satellite Imagery for 88 Towns at a resolution of 50 centimeters have been acquired;
  • Satellite Imagery for the entire country at a resolution of 250 centimeters have also been acquired;
  • Aerial photos for Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone at a resolution 10 centimeters have been produced;
  • The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) at 90m for the state wide area has been acquired, and
  • An inventory of property owners in two pilot areas namely Madido in Chongwe District with 1,500 properties and Kamwala South in Lusaka District with 4,000 properties has also been carried out.