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Land Development Programme

The Land Development Fund (LDF) is a fund administered by the Ministry. This fund  came into existence through the enactment of the Land Act of 1995 under section 16 (1) of the Laws of Zambia. The fund is meant to assist City, Municipal and District Councils to open up new areas for development. Therefore, any council wishing to apply for funds to develop areas in its locality may apply to the Ministry for an allocation from the fund to develop that area.

The Land Development Fund shall be used for the following scope of works:

  1. The preparation of layout plan for a project site
  2. Demarcation and surveying of a project site
  3. Construction of roads in a project site
  4. Water reticulation in a project site
  5. Electricity provision to a project site area

Funds provided under LDF shall only be used to carry out developments, which the private sector cannot provide.